announcing...our 2nd farm supper dec 10th


we're taking the burger out of farm burger: our wintertime seasonal supper is upon us! if you missed the first one, here's your chance to join us for our next special shindig. on december 10th at 9pm we will serve a four course prix fixe supper with nary a burger in site. the menu will feature our faithful farmers of course, and we will be announcing details shortly. we will stop serving burgers at 8pm that night, and reservations are required and limited so call us pronto at 404.378.5077 to fix your spot. our 1st supper sold out in 3 days so don't dilly dally.

4 courses, $37 dollars. quite the bargain. and if you don't make this one, don't worry, we will host a farm supper to celebrate every season. best way to keep up is to subscribe to this blog, and our facebook & twitter pages.

want it? get in your fB TO-GO fix!



yes, that's right, we've resolved to answer the phone. starting tomorrow you will be able to call in and place your to-go order. orders can be picked up at the bar, on the right side { opposite corner from the line } so just cruise straight there through the dining room. check the website for the menu here.


New Buns. New Beer. Gluten-Free Just Got a Little Easier : )


We have some simple but yet fantastic changes to the menu so we will keep this post short and sweet:


You can now build your very own gluten-free burger atop one of our new gluten-free buns provided to us by the phenomenal local bakery “Pure Knead”! 

Give them a look online @


A great burger deserves a cold beer, so we have added Bard’s Beer to our menu and guess what? It is also gluten-free! The creator’s being “diagnosed celiacs” themselves go to great lengths to ensure Bard’s is brewed from 100% malted gluten-free sorghum. Going so far as to taste every batch they brew shows a great dedication to quality as well as beer drinking.

They have great info on how they select their farmers and prevent cross contamination with other grains online @

Thank you so much for those of you that continued to advocate for these additions to the menu. We now have an opportunity to work with a great local partner and offer gluten-free beer… which makes lot’s of people really happy.

 See You Soon.



Farm Burger has had quite a run of public accolades...last week we were honored to be named "Best Farm-to-table Restaurant" by the readers of Creative Loafing in the publication's "Best of 2010" issue. At first glance I was taken aback by the honor -- why not best burger? I thought.  But then it struck me that the people, the readers, our  customers, they GET IT!  They understand that we are not only their neighborhood burger joint but just as notably a farm-based restaurant. A readers choice award is always so much more rewarding than any critical recognition, so much gratitude to all our customers, fans, burger lovers (or fried okra, quinoa burger and market salad lovers) for all your votes. 

And this week CNN airs a piece that highlights our alternative approach, what we have dubbed "farm-AND-table", and covers the basics of our relationship with our own animals, our own crops, on our farms outside of Athens. The story illustrates a message that Jason and I have always believed in: that farm-to-table is not just about fine dining, but is more like a simple lifestyle, easily integrated into our everyday lives, expressed through all sorts of ways and means and places, like our little farm burger. 

So thank you again for "getting your grass on" and contributing to such notable recognition through your patronage.

{ george: owner & operator }

farm burger featured on cnn

we are pleased to announce that farm burger was just featured on cnn in a video titled "farm-to-table food BOOM"!  the video showcases everything from the farm to the kitchen with words from the fields as well as words from some burger filled mouths. 


to catch some behind the scenes footage of the cnn shoot, head over to im high on cooking


moonshine meats, athens ga

oh hello there, you savvy hamburger eater, you!  my name is jared, and i’m coming to you over the interwebs from athens, georgia, where i spend my days raising animals for moonshine meats and farm burger.  you and i both know we don’t need a blog to tell us how fantastically delicious farm burger is, but that’s now what i’m here to talk about (although now that i mentioned it, it is what i’m thinking about).  my posts on this site will give you the inside track to where your food is coming from:  a look behind the seeds of your farm burger.  fb has already created a more intimate relationship between producer and consumer than any neighborhood burger joint in the nation, and hopefully this blog can enhance that experience. 

here in athens we are intensively managing a small herd of one hundred percent grass fed cattle,  pasture raised pork, and pasture chicken.  the result is some of the most highly coveted beef, pork, and chicken in the region.  everything here on the farm is done with our own two hands—whether it’s building fences,  daily dragging the cow’s water tub to the next paddock, or hand delivering the finished product to decatur—our hands do the work.  no machines, no elevators, no waste, and no permanent structures. 

the video posted above is one i showcased on my own blog, im high on cooking, a few weeks back, and i thought you might enjoy it.  it describes one of my daily chores—the cow move—and the factors which help me decide how and when to move the herd (ie:  the weather).  from time to time i’ll be writing here on the fb site to share some farm news, but if you want some more follow ihoc to catch the daily details.     

{ jared, farm apprenctice & blog maven }


our 1st supper was lovely

so thank you to all who attended. we will post some of our own photos soon but in the meantime, the urban gastronome had such sweet things to say about it and some nice photos to boot! read her blog here.

our 1st full

so sorry you couldn't partake if you're not already reserved....but there will be many more, we promise. feel free to call to put yourself on the waiting list though!

the menu is out....

for our 1st supper { friday, 13 august 9pm } :


beef cheek sloppy joes...&...pork cheek rillette...&...pimento cheese stuffed banana peppers...&...cured lardo


croquettes, carrots, poached local egg, bacon red wine sauce...&...

beer-battered cocks comb, arugula, our pickled veggies


pork belly, butternut squash hash...&...

crispy trotter cake, vidalia onion relish, herb salad


roasted bone marrow, pepper jack grit crouton...&...

marinated beef heart, mushrooms á la grecque, watercress, parmiggiano...&...

sliced rib-eye, sea salt, lady peas, confit cherry tomatoes, lemon thyme & sherry jus


hibiscus poached figs...&...blueberry pie


remember, seating is limited and filling up fast so call today to reserve

our 1st supper...taking the burger out of farm burger


we're pleased to announce our very first fB feast. for one night, chef terry will ditch the griddle to serve a multi-course meal. the menu will feature the animals and vegetables we raise on our farms in athens...cow, pig & chicken to be sure...okra, peppers, and the fruits of deep summer as well. we'd love to have you

friday 13 august 9pm

5 courses, $35/pp not including beverage, tax & gratuity. 

limited seating, please call between 3-5pm mon-thurs to make reservations



A neighborhood place... that just happened to raise its own cows, pigs and crops.


Our first blog post (Friday, February 26, 2010): "Farm Burger wants you to think about your burger - what it is and where it's from. Our burgers are made from 100% grassfed beef that is dry-aged for two weeks and ground daily. Our cows are raised on the sweet grasses of the southeast, and never fed antibiotics, hormones, or grain. Our menu is seasonal and sourced from local farms. Our space is convivial and comfortable - because eating is a celebration to be shared. Our food makes ethical eating easy."

It is a simply stated mission, and it defines Farm Burger’s relationship to food.  It was born out of field visits, round table discussions, emails, phone calls, spreadsheets, a few bottles of wine and beer, and over 50 years of combined food and farming passion.

After weeks of menu testing, used equipment shopping, wire basket hunting, designing and redesigning, constructing, and a hearty portion of winging it, we arrived at the middle of April almost ready to open and so we hired a staff.  And what a staff: a passionate, young, friendly, eager and hard working front and back of the house gang.  A staff with enough backbone and commitment to put up with a lot of grief and stress from me during those first crazy opening  weeks. 

Set to open on April 21, I did not sleep on April 18th, 19th, and 20th   with so many questions swimming in my head.  Why was I opening this restaurant?  Did I really know what I was doing? Would anyone care? Would anyone come (the biggest worry)?

Well they came, you have all come.  And have come and come and come.  Some many times a week, some even twice in one day.    

The welcome we received from our community of Decatur has been extremely heartfelt.  The families, the handshakes, the repetitive “welcome to the neighborhood, we are glad you are here” has given us a strong sense of place in such a short time.  Beyond the lofty goals of our mission, we also set out to open a simple burger joint, a contribution to a community, a neighborhood place that just happened to raise its own cows, pigs and crops.  A place that Decatur or any town would be happy to call its own.  After twenty years in this business this has got to be the best job I have ever had. It is a job and a restaurant I can call home.

So with this first attempt at writing for our blog, I would like to thank everyone who has stopped in for a burger a float and some fries, to the writers of all those nice yet honest reviews and comments, to all the kids adorned with our tattoos on their arms, to the support and help from my family, wife and kids, to my great staff, phenomenal chef and trusted managers, to attachés and sparrows, to those who helped me remember why I love this business so much and where I need to be, to my farmer business partner, to all the farmers of Georgia and, finally, to all that great sweet Georgia grass and the beautiful animals it sustains. 

As we say at the door, “Thanks for coming, see you tomorrow...fB"

{ george: owner  & operator }

Meet BosKo

Our newest addition to Pork Chop Hill, the area of our animal operation in Athens dedicated to our pig population, is Bosko the Boar. Brought to us by good friend Tommy Searcy of Gum Greek Farms, Bosko was a reluctant boar not quite chosen for manhood but one who has serendipitously ended up with the opportunity to prove himself on our farm with our sows Tammy, Truffles, and sow-in-training Berkley. So far so good, he doesn't seem to be terribly intimidated by the fact that he is half their size...or that Jake, sous farmer chef of Farm 255, is crimping his style a bit with his pig whispering antics. 



From Athens to Decatur, Moonshine Meats delivered our next cow yesterday from our butcher, headed straight for fB...our meat CSA pick-up happens simultaneously in our sister operation Farm 255 where happy families take home heaping piles of humanely-raised pork & beef goodness...

Thanks, John...and the AJC

Mister Kessler, venerable Atlanta food writer, was kind enough to review us on his blog, and the Sunday print version of the AJC liked it so much, we were on the front page. Thanks, John. Minor correction: we do run our own farm operation from which we source our beef. Called Moonshine Meats, which is owned and operated by Farm Burger partner Jason Mann and based in Athens. In addition we source from other local cattle-lovers such as our good friends Wes & Charlotte Swancy, and Will Harris of White Oak Pastures...but our network, as Kesser calls it, is based around our own local herd first and foremost and then our other fellow ranchers. Did you miss the link above? Read about us it here.

Our Daily Candy

Daily Candy Atlanta likes us. Thanks to Dana for including us in their weekend round up.

Photo courtesy of Dana Seith

And lots of other food bloggers seem to like us too, which we greatly appreciate. So thanks to John Kessler,, Decatur Metro, Foodie Buddha, and our beloved i'm high on cooking for all keeping up with our progress so dilligently and helping us open with such support.  Keep on tweetyfacebookblogging, please. We can't help but blush from all the attention...



It is Wednesday, April 21st and we are open. Some come on down and get your grass on.

Arts & Crafts

And staff training and metro racks and uniforms and almost a finalized menu...not that we'd share that though, we'd like to keep you all waiting...