We have some simple but yet fantastic changes to the menu so we will keep this post short and sweet:


You can now build your very own gluten-free burger atop one of our new gluten-free buns provided to us by the phenomenal local bakery “Pure Knead”! 

Give them a look online @ http://www.pureknead.com


A great burger deserves a cold beer, so we have added Bard’s Beer to our menu and guess what? It is also gluten-free! The creator’s being “diagnosed celiacs” themselves go to great lengths to ensure Bard’s is brewed from 100% malted gluten-free sorghum. Going so far as to taste every batch they brew shows a great dedication to quality as well as beer drinking.

They have great info on how they select their farmers and prevent cross contamination with other grains online @ http://www.bardsbeer.com

Thank you so much for those of you that continued to advocate for these additions to the menu. We now have an opportunity to work with a great local partner and offer gluten-free beer… which makes lot’s of people really happy.

 See You Soon.