Our first blog post (Friday, February 26, 2010): "Farm Burger wants you to think about your burger - what it is and where it's from. Our burgers are made from 100% grassfed beef that is dry-aged for two weeks and ground daily. Our cows are raised on the sweet grasses of the southeast, and never fed antibiotics, hormones, or grain. Our menu is seasonal and sourced from local farms. Our space is convivial and comfortable - because eating is a celebration to be shared. Our food makes ethical eating easy."

It is a simply stated mission, and it defines Farm Burger’s relationship to food.  It was born out of field visits, round table discussions, emails, phone calls, spreadsheets, a few bottles of wine and beer, and over 50 years of combined food and farming passion.

After weeks of menu testing, used equipment shopping, wire basket hunting, designing and redesigning, constructing, and a hearty portion of winging it, we arrived at the middle of April almost ready to open and so we hired a staff.  And what a staff: a passionate, young, friendly, eager and hard working front and back of the house gang.  A staff with enough backbone and commitment to put up with a lot of grief and stress from me during those first crazy opening  weeks. 

Set to open on April 21, I did not sleep on April 18th, 19th, and 20th   with so many questions swimming in my head.  Why was I opening this restaurant?  Did I really know what I was doing? Would anyone care? Would anyone come (the biggest worry)?

Well they came, you have all come.  And have come and come and come.  Some many times a week, some even twice in one day.    

The welcome we received from our community of Decatur has been extremely heartfelt.  The families, the handshakes, the repetitive “welcome to the neighborhood, we are glad you are here” has given us a strong sense of place in such a short time.  Beyond the lofty goals of our mission, we also set out to open a simple burger joint, a contribution to a community, a neighborhood place that just happened to raise its own cows, pigs and crops.  A place that Decatur or any town would be happy to call its own.  After twenty years in this business this has got to be the best job I have ever had. It is a job and a restaurant I can call home.

So with this first attempt at writing for our blog, I would like to thank everyone who has stopped in for a burger a float and some fries, to the writers of all those nice yet honest reviews and comments, to all the kids adorned with our tattoos on their arms, to the support and help from my family, wife and kids, to my great staff, phenomenal chef and trusted managers, to attachés and sparrows, to those who helped me remember why I love this business so much and where I need to be, to my farmer business partner, to all the farmers of Georgia and, finally, to all that great sweet Georgia grass and the beautiful animals it sustains. 

As we say at the door, “Thanks for coming, see you tomorrow...fB"

{ george: owner  & operator }