oh hello there, you savvy hamburger eater, you!  my name is jared, and i’m coming to you over the interwebs from athens, georgia, where i spend my days raising animals for moonshine meats and farm burger.  you and i both know we don’t need a blog to tell us how fantastically delicious farm burger is, but that’s now what i’m here to talk about (although now that i mentioned it, it is what i’m thinking about).  my posts on this site will give you the inside track to where your food is coming from:  a look behind the seeds of your farm burger.  fb has already created a more intimate relationship between producer and consumer than any neighborhood burger joint in the nation, and hopefully this blog can enhance that experience. 

here in athens we are intensively managing a small herd of one hundred percent grass fed cattle,  pasture raised pork, and pasture chicken.  the result is some of the most highly coveted beef, pork, and chicken in the region.  everything here on the farm is done with our own two hands—whether it’s building fences,  daily dragging the cow’s water tub to the next paddock, or hand delivering the finished product to decatur—our hands do the work.  no machines, no elevators, no waste, and no permanent structures. 

the video posted above is one i showcased on my own blog, im high on cooking, a few weeks back, and i thought you might enjoy it.  it describes one of my daily chores—the cow move—and the factors which help me decide how and when to move the herd (ie:  the weather).  from time to time i’ll be writing here on the fb site to share some farm news, but if you want some more follow ihoc to catch the daily details.     

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