Farm Burger has had quite a run of public accolades...last week we were honored to be named "Best Farm-to-table Restaurant" by the readers of Creative Loafing in the publication's "Best of 2010" issue. At first glance I was taken aback by the honor -- why not best burger? I thought.  But then it struck me that the people, the readers, our  customers, they GET IT!  They understand that we are not only their neighborhood burger joint but just as notably a farm-based restaurant. A readers choice award is always so much more rewarding than any critical recognition, so much gratitude to all our customers, fans, burger lovers (or fried okra, quinoa burger and market salad lovers) for all your votes. 

And this week CNN airs a piece that highlights our alternative approach, what we have dubbed "farm-AND-table", and covers the basics of our relationship with our own animals, our own crops, on our farms outside of Athens. The story illustrates a message that Jason and I have always believed in: that farm-to-table is not just about fine dining, but is more like a simple lifestyle, easily integrated into our everyday lives, expressed through all sorts of ways and means and places, like our little farm burger. 

So thank you again for "getting your grass on" and contributing to such notable recognition through your patronage.

{ george: owner & operator }