Our Winter No. 2 Supper
Thurs Dec 1
st 8.30pm

We are pleased to announce our next seasonal feast, the 5th in our series of suppers for which we put our grassfed burgers back in the walk-in. Although our thermometers
outside may be reading in the 70’s, December still begs of winter. December means brisk winds in our fields, and likewise a desire to just stay inside and curl up with friends and family by a warm fire, drink a hearty wine and tell stories or just stay quiet. Our chefs Terry Koval and Dan Latham have decided to put a bit of an Italian inverno (winter) spin on our supper menu. From our family of local farmers they have sketched out a menu of rabbit, risotto, and perhaps some beef cheek ravioli...only one way to find out!

4 courses + more...
{ $36 not including beverage, tax & grat }

Farm Burger Decatur
RSVP by phone only
Reservations begin Monday November 21st
Limited seating & we fill up fast...three hours last sciuè sciuè! Quick quick!