Farm Burger was in the bay area to welcome in 2011 and eat delicious seafood, while learning about the growing challenges that face today's sustainable fishermen.  We were able to do both at Fish. Restaurant in Marin County.

Fish. is not only a fantastic spot to eat, but also, a community of chefs, fishermen, and farmers working hard to provide their customers with the knowledge and resources they need to eat local and sustainable seafood.

Tucked away on Harbor Drive in Sausalito, just across from the Golden Gate Bridge, the waterfront location is one of a kind.  There is a line to order and communal seating, just like fB.  Mason jars are used to serve great local beer and there is even a small service counter where you can pick up your very own fish to prepare for dinner.

While waiting in line to order, you can pop into the "Fish or Cut Bait Education Center" located next door.  There you will find an immense amount of information to answer all your sustainable seafood questions.

Along with the restaurant, the Fish. family is busy running their own sustainable trout farm, fishing for sand dabs and halibut off their very own commercial fishing boat, and working as a fishmonger, TwoXSea, sourcing from over 20 fishermen in Alaska, California and Louisiana to supply wholesale sustainable seafood to the bay area's most well-respected restaurants.

Fish. is not only a great place to eat, but an operation akin, close to our own heart.  Check them out the next time you find yourself in San Francisco.

{ posted by Sam, fB staff member & travel correspondent }