We grow people too. Simone Brooks entered our humble home on the first day we were accepting applications. In fact, she came in the day before we had them ready. And when asked to come back the next day, she did, eagerly. Luckily by that point, we had in fact copied the applications and finished the questionnaires, and had something for Simone to fill out. Simone went to Decatur High and then enrolled in the Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Decatur. She came to us looking for a job in any part of the restaurant just to get experience while she was still in school, and then continued on to do her externship with us. Most interns and externs create more work rather than alleviate you from it, and Simone was always the opposite. Dedicated, hard-working, and efficient, she is an example of the perfect intern, and an exemplary employee to boot. And now she's graduated from culinary school and so this post is to simply say congratulations, and thank you.

Simone is a homegrown heroine, with us from the start, and hopefully to the finish. She still works with us at the fB, and will be moving on to pursue a bachelor's degree in nutrition and physical education. But whatever the next finish line may bring her, we're sure it will be grand, and we can't wait to watch her sprint…and grow.