The Farm Burger $1  / 1 Year Menu

Served all {birth}day -  Thursday April 21st 2011

The No.1 Farm Burger Sliders   $1

Beef Cheek Sloppy Joe Sliders  $1

Quinoa Veggie Burger Sliders  $1

Beer Battered Onion Rings  $1

Fries $1

Sweet Potato Fries  $1

Li’l Farmers   $1

{ kids meals }

Root Beer & Root Beer Floats  $1

Terrapin Rye Drafts  $1

Can o' Gennesee Cream Ale  $1

Throughout the day we'll have prizes, giveaways, and fB fun facts could win an entire year of a free daily combo lunch every month!

And on this last day before our birthday, we share our proudest Farm Burger fun fact:  in one year we have spent over $320,000 purchasing from local Georgia farmers.  We think that's a pretty impressive number.  All those dollars could have purchased beef, tomatoes, okra, greens, pork, arugula, lettuces, peaches and much more from the Midwest, California, Mexico, Chile...but instead they stayed right here in our neighbors' pockets.  These are your dollars, you, our faithful, local customers. By choosing to come to Farm Burger you have chosen to help your local farmers and their families, and our local economy. 

Think if 10 new restaurants in Atlanta did something similar, or hundred even. Georgia Organics published a great story on the economic impact of keeping our food dollars local. Not to say all our purchases stayed in state, (we spent a similar amount on out-of-state ingredients) but the fact that over 50% of our purchasing dollars went into the hands of small-scale Georgia farmers. Well, we love that Farm Burger fact the best.

Bring your friends, spread the word, and we hope to see you on Thursday.