We've set up the big long worktable and once again it's covered in stuff. We've started looking for a chef. We're re-writing manuals, and designing t-shirts, and we bought a milkshake machine for some cash and a pig. Yes, you heard us, cash and a pig and yes, you heard us, milkshakes!

We've hung the posters, we've turned in the paperwork, and we wait for the respite of an almost summer rain, and we wait for the city of Atlanta to release our permits so we can build. We are patient. We hope you are patient too.

We're excited to connect with the Buckhead community in numerous creative ways (besides just serving you our 100% local grassfed goodness) and so if you have a community group, organization, CSA, local business or association you'd like us to know about for future partnerships and promotions, email us here!