This is the time of year we all --  farmer, chef, restaurateur and customer -- love the most. It's the beginning of the Georgia summer, and our menu shows it. Everyone's favorite fried okra is finally back. Peaches from Pearson Farm adorn the #3 blackboard burger. Fried green tomatoes with a crock of Chef Terry's pimento cheese appears as a new snack. And today, on the lightest day of the year, the solstice, the first official day of summer, it happened: the season's first perfectly sweet, acidic, sinfully delicious heirlooms arrived.  For these, we thank Joe Reynolds and Judith Winfrey from Love is Love Farm. Picked in Tuesday morning's heat, at our back door at 5pm and in your red basket tomorrow. Not from California, or Florida, not a week old, not on some fancy $10 dollar salad, and not in some fancy restaurant where you have to make a reservation (but don't get me wrong, I do like a fancy restaurant from time to time). Just put on your flip flops, shorts and skirts, come down to our shop, build your favorite $6 grassfed burger, get your kids a lil' farmer cheeseburger, have a beer and of course...a salad of Love's tomatoes, for $3.50. That is, unless Chef and I eat them all tonight.     

{ george: owner/operator }