Winter No. 3  Supper No. 8

Thurs Dec 6, 830pm

We are happy to announce once again we're taking the burger out of Farm Burger.  It's been awhile, almost six months actually, but it’s not as though we haven’t been a bit busy.  After an opening in Dunwoody, and an anniversary in Buckhead, we were feeling a bit of Farm Supper neglect at our home in Decatur.  It’s our 3rd winter and 8th supper, and in planning this dinner, we thought southern themed dinners were beginning to get a bit played out.  This time around we've tapped into our chef, Dan Latham’s Italian cooking roots (he did own the award winning L & M’s Kitchen and Salumeria in Oxford, MS, and ran Mario Batali’s charcuterie program in NYC for a number of years, so he knows a thing or two), and have asked our restaurant family chef Whitney Otawka of Farm 255 in Athens to join in.  Together they will intertwine our southern farmed vegetables and pastured raised meats into southern Italian traditions, and cook us up a Roman dinner.  It will be a night of many possibilities..cured meats, crispy artichokes, seared baby octopus or clams, all sorts of root veggies, bucatini all’ amatriciani (with our pork cheeks of course), gnocchi with nutmeg and butter (alla romana), maybe some slow cooked oxtail (coda alla vaccinara), perhaps a dessert of ricotta whipped up by Kerrie, our on call pastry chef, and we might just finish the night off with a little sip of amaro.  There's only one way to find out.  RSVP and come join us as our southern chefs go southern Italian.  

4 courses + probably more...

{ $39 not including beverage, tax & grat }

Farm Burger Decatur

RSVP by phone only


Reservations begin Monday November 26st

Limited seating & we fill up fast...three hours last sciuè sciuè! Quick quick!