Dear Loyal Farm Burger Customers,

One of the central imperatives of the Farm Burger model has always been to offer our eater a superlative, 100% grassfed burger at a fair cost. Farm Burger's philosophy also calls for us to pay our local beef producers above commodity prices to honor the extra labor and higher expenses associated with pasture based management and our strict quality standards. Our producers and their efforts are the cornerstones of what makes Farm Burger “Farm Burger.”

In order to maintain these promises and principles, at this moment, we must raise our prices slightly. However, we vow not to pass all costs through to you, the heart of our operation, our customers. The base price of our $6 burger is now $6.50, however all of our blackboard burger prices remain the same. Our Lunch Combo has increased just a quarter to $8.25, and yet the Daily Combo is still $10. 

As always, we are committed to our mission, which includes offering as much value as possible in our menu while still strongly supporting the Georgia agricultural community with our actions and dollars.We will continue to bring a dedicated farm-AND-table experience to your neighborhood burger joint. Thanks for the support and please let us know if you have any questions.

         - The Farm Burger Team