The Farm Burger  2 Year / $2 Value Menu

Served all {birth}day - Today - Wednesday April 25th 2012 

The No.1 Farm Burger Sliders   $2

Beef Cheek Sloppy Joe Sliders  $2

Quinoa Veggie Burger Sliders  $2

Beer Battered Onion Rings  $2

Rings n Fries $2

Fries $2

Sweet Potato Fries $2

Li’l Farmers   $2

{ kids meals }

Abita Draft Root Beer & Root Beer Floats  $2

Terrapin & Sweetwater Drafts  $2

Can o' Gennesee Cream Ale  $2

On the morning of our birthday, we share our most important Farm Burger fun fact of year 2: our first fact this weekend was regarding the over 45 georgia farmers and artisans who have provided much of the food we serve at farm burger.  Our last fact is, that without the tireless, committed, visionary work of those folks and the support around them, farm burger would not exist. And here are just some of the names and places that contribute to this simple and true fact: jack mathews, george cooke, daniel dover, bobby britt, joe reynolds, will harris, rusty  & kyle, mary rigdon, laurie moore, tim dyer, duane marcus, judith winfrey, lauren carey, doug williams, andy byrd, wes and & charlotte, micheal schenck, alice & barb and the crew from Georgia Organics, tim & alice, amy & the army of crop mobbers, catherine lee and the city of decatur’s love of all things local, slow food atlanta, julie & peggy at emory, stephanie & oakhurst gardens. There are many many more, but everyday their work and support are part of the Farm Burger that we serve in our chicken wire basket.  And that’s a fact.

So today bring your friends, spread the word, enjoy some $2 sliders and more, we hope to see you all…