As peach season started to wind down our Chefs Terry and Dan had to start thinking about how to replace the wildly popular blackboard burger No. 5, “The Peach Burger”.  Not an easy task.  But Dan and Terry looked to our friend Craig Rogers and the lamb he raises at his border springs farm in southern Virginia.  Craig raises his flock with the upmost care, grassfed, no added hormones or antibiotics, and to the highest of animal welfare standards. All of us at Farm Burger have met Craig many a time over the last few years (often over an open spit with one of his lambs and some special ‘shine) and have discussed how and when to bring on a lamb burger.   Our current change in peach season seemed like a perfect time.  Just last month Chefs brought in some of Craig’s lamb and ran it as a special daily combo.  On one Sunday alone we sold over 100 lamb burgers between Decatur and Buckhead.  The lamb was gone in a day; we knew we had a new No.5.  

The new Black Board Burger No. 5 - Border Springs Farm grassfed lamb burger, feta, balsamic red onions, arugula. Cooking on the flat top grill, starting today.