WINDING DOWN: all the signs are here that summer is winding down. In the fields, the peaches are long gone. Our farmers can be found tilling the tomato plants and squash vines back in the soil  preparing for fall crops. The cattle have come out of the shade of the trees and easily graze in the open pasture all day long in the not-as-hot sun.  At home, the kids are back in school.   The trips to the beach are now a memory and the cicadas chirping song is heard on the front stoop as darkness and cooler temperatures arrive a bit earlier in the evening.  Winding down really isn’t so bad. Nevertheless, we are in the restaurant business.  Which by definition means rest and calm is usually short-lived.  We get, a bit antsy, itching for more to do.   

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REVVING UP:  There has been a lot discussion lately of what might be next for Farm Burger.  There has been a mention in a blog and a tweet or two.  So we are here to say it is official.  Farm Burger is moving the herd, heading O.T.P. (outside the perimeter) and will be opening in Dunwoody early this fall.  The young city of Dunwoody recently released our building permits and we are now knee deep in dust, busted concrete and sheetrock. We all wear many hats in our Farm Burger family.  Our farmer-owner, Jason, is quite the designer and our Cattleman, George Cooke, also dabbles as a contractor.  The two farmers, together with our building crew from Oneta Woodworks in Athens, are all revved up to build our newest home.  Check back on our construction blog to see our farmers attempt to build a restaurant in six weeks. And just to keep things a bit more interesting in Dunwoody, we have teamed up with Atlanta’s Morelli’s Gourmet Ice Cream and we will have a little ice cream counter right inside FB Dunwoody. 

SAYING GOODBYE:  Just over three years ago,  I was working at another restaurant with Chef Terry Koval.  I told him about this farm-sourced, grassfed burger joint Jason and I were trying to open in Decatur and asked him if he knew of any chef friends who might be interested in joining our team.  Terry paused, said he might know of someone, paused again, and then said “Why not me?" 


Many, many a burger later, after some crazy busy nights, after some amazing “Taking the Burger out of Farm Burger” suppers, after many farm trips and some food trips to NYC, the time has come.  Our beloved Chef Terry is moving on. He has been offered an exciting opportunity to be Chef at an up-and-coming local brew pub. It's a new menu and a new challenge for Terry and we couldn't be happier for him. We are ever so glad that Terry spoke up for himself three years ago.  His hard work, dedication, conviction, staff management, customer charm, and of course, his cooking skills will always be part of Farm Burger today as well as in the future. So we sadly send him off, but we are excited for the great opportunity and challenge that Terry has ahead of him. Terry will still be around a few weeks, stop in and say goodbye with us.   

SAYING HELLO: Despite the goodbye, lots of hellos these days. FB Dunwoody will soon be saying hello to a new chef (you'd love for us to reveal it, we patient and watch our blog), hello to a whole new staff, and of course we can’t wait to say hello to a new community of customers.  Our GM in Decatur James McFarland is moving on to Dunwoody, so we get to say hello to a new Decatur GM (and old colleague) Chris Blackburn.  Of course, we do need to replace Terry, and will soon be saying hello to a new chef at Farm Burger Decatur, so if any young aspiring chefs are paying attention we would love to say hello to you.


And of course… with the winding down of summer, hello fall!  We can't wait to taste your leafy green-collard-broccoli-apple cider-goodness.


on 2012-09-18 14:56 by Farm Burger

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