IT’S A GRASSFED FeTE. It is a party in the parking lot and a party in the restaurant. It’s a pasture-raised palooza with a $1 dollar value menu featuring Moonshine meats 100% grassfed beef sliders, pulled pork sandwiches from a whole roasted Anderson Farms hog {thanks for the smoker Community Q} & pastured chicken wings from Darby Farms. It’s music from Atlanta’s own Southern Folk Preservation Society All Stars. It’s face painting for the kids and Mary from Decimal Place Farm bringing her beautiful goats*. It’s $3 dolla’ beers from Monday Night Brewing and $1 Red Hare root beer floats with Morelli’s ice cream. It's trivia, Farm Burger corn hole, prizes, balloons…phew, I am out of breath.  

It’s Farm Burger Decatur’s 3 and ½ year anniversary party. We wouldn’t be here without your support so come on over, have fun, eat well and don’t spend a lot of money. What could be better?

Monday, August 19.

Farm Burger Decatur.

11:30 am - close : $1 value menu.

4 pm to close : music, whole hog, Mary’s goats, face painting beer tent and more.

*we tried to get lil’ Sebastian but he wasn’t available.



All items $1 each all day

The No.1 Farm Burger Slider $1

Anderson Farm Pulled Pork Slider $1

Darby Farms Spicy Chicken Wings $1

Quinoa Veggie Burgers $1

(with goat cheese + pickled veg)

Beer Battered Onion Rings $1

Sweet Potato Fries  $1

Fries $1

Lil Farmers Kids Meals $1

(for the kids please)

Red Hare Root Beer and Root Beer Floats $1

$3 Monday Night Brewing Drafts

$ 3 dollar whole hog platters in the lot

(4pm to close: pulled pork slider, cole slaw, potato salad)