Our teams from both Farm Burger Berkeley and Marin got together for a trip to BN Ranch in Bolinas, CA, to learn more about grass-fed beef, pastured-raised turkey, and sustainable and responsible agriculture.

While there, we met with Bill and Nicolette Niman, founders of the Ranch and big believers in environmental stewardship. We’re proud to work with people like Bill and Nicolette, who share Farm Burger’s missions of producing and serving fresh, local food.

Bill founded BN Ranch and is known as the ‘godfather of sustainable meat.’ He believes that by following the natural seasons, with their respective temperatures and levels of sunlight and rainfall, you can produce better food more responsibly.

We also got to explore the ranch and see exactly where many of Farm Burger’s ingredients are grown and harvested.

At BN Ranch, all of the cows are grass-grown and grass-finished, so they’re never given harmful antibiotics, growth hormones, or steroids. 

All of the animals are also allowed to graze and forage on their own, allowing them to instinctively eat at a natural pace. That helps them avoid digestive distress and other health problems.

Farm Burger loves working with local ranchers like Bill and Nicolette, who have shared passions for food that is sustainably harvested, humanely grown, and tastes amazing.

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