With less than a week until Farm Burger Nashville opens, we decided to take our new team on the road to see where we source some of our ingredients.

We visited Tennessee Grass Fed Farm, which is run by a family dedicated to raising cows and other livestock responsibly and humanely.

Their cows are raised on grass from beginning to end, and they aren’t given any growth hormones or antibiotics. Alongside their natural diet, the cows are free to graze naturally, meaning leaner and healthier beef.

While there, we also got to meet Phil Baggett. His family has been farming this land since 1837, when his great-grandfather bought the original tract of land.

Almost 200 years later, Phil and his wife Kathy transformed their business to incorporate grass-fed farming.

In addition to grass-fed beef, they also produce pastured pork and free range chicken.

With Farm Burger Nashville on the way, we’re excited to meet other local producers who share our values. See you soon!

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