Looking forward to seeing everyone tonight.  Yes, we are sold out again (thank you everyone), to get the early jump on the next supper make sure to follow our blog or sign up for our email. (we email about 6 times a year so don't worry about getting overloaded with junk).


PREPARARSI - We are getting ready.  

Pasta Bowls - check


Oxtail Platters - check (love these)







                                        Antipasta Boards - check



The Gravy - check


                                      Menu - check  

supper no. 8

winter  dec 6. 2012 


confit of baby fennel

roasted mushrooms and garlic

charred mackerel with grapefruit

 two chunks of pecorino

 rusty’s coppa



roasted radicchio, grana padano dressing, fried capers, breadcrumbs and bacon



bucatini All’ Amatriciana


di frutti di mare

clams with white beans, garlic, kale and chilis  grilled crusty bread


piatto di carne

braised oxtail with wilted dandelion greens and agrodolce



olive oil and semolina cake, candied persimmon



as always our menu is sourced from our own and our friends farms