There has been some talk over the last few months about Farm Burger and Asheville.  A few tweets, a blog post or two and some nice Asheville press on our intentions.  So what exactly have we been working on since last October? We thought it was about time we fill everyone in.  It's what we are calling..

"A GUIDE TO MOVING THE FB HERD IN TEN EASY STEPS .. (and one not so easy) 

 Step 1. Find a great community, that shares Farm Burger values, has great beer, and would be a great place to move. Asheville - Check   


Step 2. Discover a great location. The historic Leader Building - Check











Step 3. Start to design - check


Step 4. Start to build - check   


Step 5. Send up your best - check

Sean, Mee, Dan, Cameron, Chad, Anthony - The Farm Burger A-Team 


Step 6. Find a local pasture and form partnerships (Jamie Ager's cattle pasture and pigs) - check  

                                                                                                                    Step 7.  Get ready to open - check 







Step 8. Have a wall fall down two days before planned opening- (the not so easy) - check



Back up

Step 9. Watch out for bears? (definitely not in Atlanta anymore) - check








 Step 10.  Hang sign & open for business (sign up, almost open)   

                                                                       EASY..JUST A FEW MORE DAYS, STAY TUNED