THURSDAY, NOV 7th  at 730pm

Farm Burger Asheville

We are happy to announce that for the first time in Asheville we're taking the burger out of Farm Burger. Although, this is the 10th in our series of suppers in which there is nary a grassfed burger in sight, it is our first supper in Asheville, and boy are we excited. Since our inaugural supper back in 2010, these have been nights when we let our talented chefs utilize all our great local bounty without the thought of a burger. We spruce the joint up a bit, add some candle light, a couple fine wines, and do away with standing in line. We add a little live music, a preachy speech or two about our local farmers and food systems, enjoy way too much food, commiserate with friends old and new and support a great cause.

It has been a whirlwind first six months of settling into our space on Patton Ave. We’ve gotten to know our neighbors, our local farmers, our favorite tailgate markets, our egg supplier, our milk man, our creamery, our cheese makers, our cattleman, our pig farmers, our producers of tempeh, our hot sauce creator and our mustard makers. We knew from the outset that for our first dinner we wanted to support ASAP. Their hard work, outreach, education and mission plays such a vital role in improving and changing our local food systems.

Farm Burger’s Chef Chad Campbell has some strong Carolina and Tennessee roots, and it just made sense to offer a supper that had a slight Appalachian fall feel. Chad is working up a 4, 5 or maybe 6 course, supper that includes everything from buttermilk biscuits, crispy pasture raised chicken livers, cured sunburst trout, mustard greens, pork cheeks, cracklins, pureed turnips and even his Mamaw’s Apple Stack Cake. How will it all come together? What else will Chef cook up?  You need to make it out on Nov 7th to find out. Live music will be provided by our own Southern Folk  Preservation Society All Stars. We will have some great local beers and fine wines to accompany the meal and a good portion of the proceeds will be going to ASAP.

Join us to celebrate our first Farm Burger without the burger supper in Asheville, and feast on all that our local Applachian neighbors have to offer.

4 courses ... but probably 6

{$39 not including beverage, tax & grat,}

Farm Burger Asheville

Reserve by phone only

828. 348-8540

Reservations begin Thursday October 24th

Limited seating & we fill up fast, make yours now!


IT’S A GRASSFED FeTE. It is a party in the parking lot and a party in the restaurant. It’s a pasture-raised palooza with a $1 dollar value menu featuring Moonshine meats 100% grassfed beef sliders, pulled pork sandwiches from a whole roasted Anderson Farms hog {thanks for the smoker Community Q} & pastured chicken wings from Darby Farms. It’s music from Atlanta’s own Southern Folk Preservation Society All Stars. It’s face painting for the kids and Mary from Decimal Place Farm bringing her beautiful goats*. It’s $3 dolla’ beers from Monday Night Brewing and $1 Red Hare root beer floats with Morelli’s ice cream. It's trivia, Farm Burger corn hole, prizes, balloons…phew, I am out of breath.  

It’s Farm Burger Decatur’s 3 and ½ year anniversary party. We wouldn’t be here without your support so come on over, have fun, eat well and don’t spend a lot of money. What could be better?

Monday, August 19.

Farm Burger Decatur.

11:30 am - close : $1 value menu.

4 pm to close : music, whole hog, Mary’s goats, face painting beer tent and more.


*we tried to get lil’ Sebastian but he wasn’t available.








All items $1 each all day

The No.1 Farm Burger Slider $1

Anderson Farm Pulled Pork Slider $1

Darby Farms Spicy Chicken Wings $1

Quinoa Veggie Burgers $1

(with goat cheese + pickled veg)

Beer Battered Onion Rings $1

Sweet Potato Fries  $1

Fries $1

Lil Farmers Kids Meals $1

(for the kids please)

Red Hare Root Beer and Root Beer Floats $1

$3 Monday Night Brewing Drafts

$ 3 dollar whole hog platters in the lot

(4pm to close: pulled pork slider, cole slaw, potato salad)



There has been some talk over the last few months about Farm Burger and Asheville.  A few tweets, a blog post or two and some nice Asheville press on our intentions.  So what exactly have we been working on since last October? We thought it was about time we fill everyone in.  It's what we are calling..

"A GUIDE TO MOVING THE FB HERD IN TEN EASY STEPS .. (and one not so easy) 

 Step 1. Find a great community, that shares Farm Burger values, has great beer, and would be a great place to move. Asheville - Check   


Step 2. Discover a great location. The historic Leader Building - Check











Step 3. Start to design - check


Step 4. Start to build - check   


Step 5. Send up your best - check

Sean, Mee, Dan, Cameron, Chad, Anthony - The Farm Burger A-Team 


Step 6. Find a local pasture and form partnerships (Jamie Ager's cattle pasture and pigs) - check  

                                                                                                                    Step 7.  Get ready to open - check 







Step 8. Have a wall fall down two days before planned opening- (the not so easy) - check



Back up

Step 9. Watch out for bears? (definitely not in Atlanta anymore) - check








 Step 10.  Hang sign & open for business (sign up, almost open)   

                                                                       EASY..JUST A FEW MORE DAYS, STAY TUNED







THURSDAY FEB 28th  at 8pm

Farm Burger Buckhead

We are happy to announce that once again in Buckhead we're taking the burger out of Farm Burger.  This is the 9th in our series of suppers in which there is nary a grassfed burger in sight.  It is exciting that we are hosting an annual event.  Last year, we spent more than twenty very early Saturday mornings cooking up market slider burgers at the Peachtree Road Farmers Market.  Creating on the fly every morning with the abundance of all the farmers' harvest was like a mini iron chef competition every week.  The Peachtree Road Farmers Market is a great institution in our Buckhead community, it is hard to believe that it is only 6 years old.  We are happy we can support its efforts with this supper, and with many suppers to come.  And with the soon to open market in mind, it is prepping time in Farm Burger world.  Our farmers have planned their spring plantings.  The seedlings are starting in the greenhouses, and the fields of winter cover crops are soon to be mowed as the soil is prepped.  Lauren at the Peachtree Road Farmers Market is prepping her list of vendors, and making sure her staff of volunteers are all ready for the upcoming season.  We have sent our Partner Sean up to Asheville to prep for our Farm Burger opening in late March.  And now our Chefs Dan and newbie Cameron start their prep on our 9th supper.  I have read their scribbled notes.  Lamb...maybe tartare, maybe shoulder roast, pea shoots, early onions, goat, trout, trotters, beef tongue, strawberries, call charlotte, call burge, call greg, it was all there.  I think I even read the word dumplings!   We all know there is only one way to find out what they finally prep, join us on the 28th.   

4 courses ... but probably 6

{ $39 not including beverage, tax & grat,}

Farm Burger Buckhead

RSVP by phone only


Reservations begin Monday Feb 18

Limited seating & we fill up fast, make your preparations now!

FB Game Day Grassfed Burger Package

Now that the pain of the Falcons loss has begun to fade, it's time to get ready for the big game. Treat your friends & fam to Farm Burger's grassfed goodness w/ the FB Game Day Grassfed Burger Package...

8 Grassfed burgers, buns & slices of Wisc cheddar + Ketchup, Mustard, Mayo, FB Sauce

Lettuce, tomatoes, pickles & caramelized onions + House chips & Mac N Chz = $95 

For those serious appetites go ahead & add our Kale Slaw, Local Greens, Red Bean Chili or Mac n Chz! Be a winner on Sunday & call Decatur, Buckhead or Dunwoody & place your order today!


Looking forward to seeing everyone tonight.  Yes, we are sold out again (thank you everyone), to get the early jump on the next supper make sure to follow our blog or sign up for our email. (we email about 6 times a year so don't worry about getting overloaded with junk).


PREPARARSI - We are getting ready.  

Pasta Bowls - check


Oxtail Platters - check (love these)







                                        Antipasta Boards - check



The Gravy - check


                                      Menu - check  

supper no. 8

winter  dec 6. 2012 


confit of baby fennel

roasted mushrooms and garlic

charred mackerel with grapefruit

 two chunks of pecorino

 rusty’s coppa



roasted radicchio, grana padano dressing, fried capers, breadcrumbs and bacon



bucatini All’ Amatriciana


di frutti di mare

clams with white beans, garlic, kale and chilis  grilled crusty bread


piatto di carne

braised oxtail with wilted dandelion greens and agrodolce



olive oil and semolina cake, candied persimmon



as always our menu is sourced from our own and our friends farms





Supper No.8 | Southern Chefs Cook Southern Italian | FB Decatur

Winter No. 3  Supper No. 8
Thurs Dec 6, 830pm

We are happy to announce once again we're taking the burger out of Farm Burger.  It's been awhile, almost six months actually, but it’s not as though we haven’t been a bit busy.  After an opening in Dunwoody, and an anniversary in Buckhead, we were feeling a bit of Farm Supper neglect at our home in Decatur.  It’s our 3rd winter and 8th supper, and in planning this dinner, we thought southern themed dinners were beginning to get a bit played out.  This time around we've tapped into our chef, Dan Latham’s Italian cooking roots (he did own the award winning L & M’s Kitchen and Salumeria in Oxford, MS, and ran Mario Batali’s charcuterie program in NYC for a number of years, so he knows a thing or two), and have asked our restaurant family chef Whitney Otawka of Farm 255 in Athens to join in.  Together they will intertwine our southern farmed vegetables and pastured raised meats into southern Italian traditions, and cook us up a Roman dinner.  It will be a night of many possibilities..cured meats, crispy artichokes, seared baby octopus or clams, all sorts of root veggies, bucatini all’ amatriciani (with our pork cheeks of course), gnocchi with nutmeg and butter (alla romana), maybe some slow cooked oxtail (coda alla vaccinara), perhaps a dessert of ricotta whipped up by Kerrie, our on call pastry chef, and we might just finish the night off with a little sip of amaro.  There's only one way to find out.  RSVP and come join us as our southern chefs go southern Italian.  

4 courses + probably more...
{ $39 not including beverage, tax & grat }

Farm Burger Decatur
RSVP by phone only
Reservations begin Monday November 26st
Limited seating & we fill up fast...three hours last sciuè sciuè! Quick quick!




It is Election Day.  The day we show the world what freedom is all about.  The day that every citizen has a voice.  Use that voice.  Go vote; use your voice, your freedom.  Then come to Farm Burger for some free fries.  All day long at Farm Burger Decatur, Buckhead and Dunwoody, show us your “voting sticker”, and the fries are  on us.  Democrat or Republican the ole USA is a pretty great place to live.  (and eat).


 The bar is built, the the kitchen equipment is hooked up, the letter boards are ready, the staff has made the pilgrimage to the farms and, yes, we have added a new chef added to the herd.  We are excited to welcome Chef Todd Hogan to our Farm Burger culinary family, read all the details here in our press release.  We are counting down the days until that first burger and Morelli's shake is served,  10, 9, many more days to go?  Stay tuned, we're close.



Could it really be? It seems like it was just yesterday we were building bars, hanging celings, painting walls, stressing over delays and mumbling a few choice words about city of Atlanta building inspectors.  But here we are one year later in Buckhead.  We weren't sure at first how we would be received, just how we would fit our decatur restuant into our new piedmont road neighborhood.  But we loved our space in Tower Walk, had faith in our Chef Dan Latham and knew we had a welcoming host in our manager Rozie Slaughter.  Well the last 365 days have been fantastic.  We have a found a great community here in Buckhead of office workers, hi-rise neighbors, families and kids.  A great new friend in the Peachtree Road Farmers market and new supply of farmers to source from.  

Now that a year has actually gone by, we are ready to celebrate. On Monday, September 10th, in true Farm Burger fashion there is only one way to celebrate a 1 year birthday, and that' s with our $1 value menu.

That's right, all day on Monday we will be serving No. 1 farm burger sliders, Veggie quinoa sliders, beef cheek sloppy joe sliders, onion rings, fries, root beer floats and even cans of gennee and drafts of red hare, all for just one little dollar each.  There will be some Farm Burger Buckhead trivia throughout the day, you could even win the big prize of "a burger a month for a whole year".

So this Monday, come for lunch, come for dinner, bring your co-workers, friends and family and celebrate with us at farm Burger Buckhead.



Two, maybe two and half weeks and we are there.  But until then we are here.  Hoods, cooking equipment, an ice cream counter, a stained wood wall, lots of ladders and our favorite blue stools.





Farm Burger Dunwoody is on the way.  It was on July 30th that the city of Dunwoody gave us the green "go" sign and all of our old contruction friends are back at it.  Zack, Max, Casey, Todd, Gus, Chris, Mick, David and many more have brought their table saws, wires, conduit, ladders, pipes and paint and are hard at work.  A lot of progress has been made in just 30 days.  Can they finish in three more weeks?  Follow the progress here on our blog.







winding down, revving up, saying goodbye, saying hello

WINDING DOWN: all the signs are here that summer is winding down. In the fields, the peaches are long gone. Our farmers can be found tilling the tomato plants and squash vines back in the soil  preparing for fall crops. The cattle have come out of the shade of the trees and easily graze in the open pasture all day long in the not-as-hot sun.  At home, the kids are back in school.   The trips to the beach are now a memory and the cicadas chirping song is heard on the front stoop as darkness and cooler temperatures arrive a bit earlier in the evening.  Winding down really isn’t so bad. Nevertheless, we are in the restaurant business.  Which by definition means rest and calm is usually short-lived.  We get, a bit antsy, itching for more to do.   


REVVING UP:  There has been a lot discussion lately of what might be next for Farm Burger.  There has been a mention in a blog and a tweet or two.  So we are here to say it is official.  Farm Burger is moving the herd, heading O.T.P. (outside the perimeter) and will be opening in Dunwoody early this fall.  The young city of Dunwoody recently released our building permits and we are now knee deep in dust, busted concrete and sheetrock. We all wear many hats in our Farm Burger family.  Our farmer-owner, Jason, is quite the designer and our Cattleman, George Cooke, also dabbles as a contractor.  The two farmers, together with our building crew from Oneta Woodworks in Athens, are all revved up to build our newest home.  Check back on our construction blog to see our farmers attempt to build a restaurant in six weeks. And just to keep things a bit more interesting in Dunwoody, we have teamed up with Atlanta’s Morelli’s Gourmet Ice Cream and we will have a little ice cream counter right inside FB Dunwoody. 


SAYING GOODBYE:  Just over three years ago,  I was working at another restaurant with Chef Terry Koval.  I told him about this farm-sourced, grassfed burger joint Jason and I were trying to open in Decatur and asked him if he knew of any chef friends who might be interested in joining our team.  Terry paused, said he might know of someone, paused again, and then said “Why not me?" 

Many, many a burger later, after some crazy busy nights, after some amazing “Taking the Burger out of Farm Burger” suppers, after many farm trips and some food trips to NYC, the time has come.  Our beloved Chef Terry is moving on. He has been offered an exciting opportunity to be Chef at an up-and-coming local brew pub. It's a new menu and a new challenge for Terry and we couldn't be happier for him. We are ever so glad that Terry spoke up for himself three years ago.  His hard work, dedication, conviction, staff management, customer charm, and of course, his cooking skills will always be part of Farm Burger today as well as in the future. So we sadly send him off, but we are excited for the great opportunity and challenge that Terry has ahead of him. Terry will still be around a few weeks, stop in and say goodbye with us.   


SAYING HELLO: Despite the goodbye, lots of hellos these days. FB Dunwoody will soon be saying hello to a new chef (you'd love for us to reveal it, we patient and watch our blog), hello to a whole new staff, and of course we can’t wait to say hello to a new community of customers.  Our GM in Decatur James McFarland is moving on to Dunwoody, so we get to say hello to a new Decatur GM (and old colleague) Chris Blackburn.  Of course, we do need to replace Terry, and will soon be saying hello to a new chef at Farm Burger Decatur, so if any young aspiring chefs are paying attention we would love to say hello to you.

And of course… with the winding down of summer, hello fall!  We can't wait to taste your leafy green-collard-broccoli-apple cider-goodness.


grassfed lamb joins grassfed beef

As peach season started to wind down our Chefs Terry and Dan had to start thinking about how to replace the wildly popular blackboard burger No. 5, “The Peach Burger”.  Not an easy task.  But Dan and Terry looked to our friend Craig Rogers and the lamb he raises at his border springs farm in southern Virginia.  Craig raises his flock with the upmost care, grassfed, no added hormones or antibiotics, and to the highest of animal welfare standards. All of us at Farm Burger have met Craig many a time over the last few years (often over an open spit with one of his lambs and some special ‘shine) and have discussed how and when to bring on a lamb burger.   Our current change in peach season seemed like a perfect time.  Just last month Chefs brought in some of Craig’s lamb and ran it as a special daily combo.  On one Sunday alone we sold over 100 lamb burgers between Decatur and Buckhead.  The lamb was gone in a day; we knew we had a new No.5.  

The new Black Board Burger No. 5 - Border Springs Farm grassfed lamb burger, feta, balsamic red onions, arugula. Cooking on the flat top grill, starting today.

we're ready..supper no. 7 menu surf + turf

surf + turf

24 MAY 2012


strawberry, mint + bubbles


chilled zucchini soup + georgia smoked trout roe

·         pickled beef tongue, bloomed mustard seeds, spring onion confit

baby beets + whipped lardo, green garlic

old saltie oyster + portland maine dock diver scallop

spring onion, radish, moonshine mignonette


pork jowls + trotters, horseradish consommé, bok choy, red chard


crispy red hare lager soft shell crab, kohlrabi, quail egg yolk,

parking lot lemon basil vinaigrette, fried capers


cooke cattle brisket, spring onion + leek puree, shaved baby fennel,

radish gremolata, pistachio


season's first peach + blueberry cobbler, lemon thyme cream


as always, our meat & vegetables are raised on our own farms,
supplemented by the bounty of other local farms + fisherman

$38 per person, not including tax, gratuity & beverage



Supper No. 7

Thurs  May 24th  8.30 pm

Farm Burger Decatur

We are happy to announce once again we're taking the burger out of Farm Burger. It’s our 7th in a series of seasonal suppers where there is nary a burger in sight.  Summer is coming.  The pools are opening.  The kids are out of school.  Atlanta turns to Hotlanta.  The farmers try to get off the fields by noon.  A trip to the ocean beckons.  Inspired by those thoughts, Chef Terry and Dan have conjured up an East Coast surf and turf.  The  night will not be one of old school filet and lobster tail, but rather one of calling on our old seafaring friends to share in their catch.  Scallops from Casco Bay, Rappahannock oysters , soft shell crabs from the Georgia coast all intermingling with our own pasture-raised pork, grassfed beef and the latest local harvest from our family of farmers.  Throw in some cold beer and chilled rosé and you have what we think will be the perfect night to kick start the summer.

4 courses + more...
{$38 not including beverage, tax + grat }

Farm Burger Decatur 
RSVP by phone only
Reservations begin Monday May 14th

Limited seating & we tend to fill up quick and catch the wave!

you only turn 2 once

The Farm Burger  2 Year / $2 Value Menu
Served all {birth}day - Today - Wednesday April 25th 2012 

The No.1 Farm Burger Sliders   $2

Beef Cheek Sloppy Joe Sliders  $2

Quinoa Veggie Burger Sliders  $2

Beer Battered Onion Rings  $2

Rings n Fries $2

Fries $2

Sweet Potato Fries $2

Li’l Farmers   $2
{ kids meals }

Abita Draft Root Beer & Root Beer Floats  $2

Terrapin & Sweetwater Drafts  $2

Can o' Gennesee Cream Ale  $2 

On the morning of our birthday, we share our most important Farm Burger fun fact of year 2: our first fact this weekend was regarding the over 45 georgia farmers and artisans who have provided much of the food we serve at farm burger.  Our last fact is, that without the tireless, committed, visionary work of those folks and the support around them, farm burger would not exist. And here are just some of the names and places that contribute to this simple and true fact: jack mathews, george cooke, daniel dover, bobby britt, joe reynolds, will harris, rusty  & kyle, mary rigdon, laurie moore, tim dyer, duane marcus, judith winfrey, lauren carey, doug williams, andy byrd, wes and & charlotte, micheal schenck, alice & barb and the crew from Georgia Organics, tim & alice, amy & the army of crop mobbers, catherine lee and the city of decatur’s love of all things local, slow food atlanta, julie & peggy at emory, stephanie & oakhurst gardens. There are many many more, but everyday their work and support are part of the Farm Burger that we serve in our chicken wire basket.  And that’s a fact.

So today bring your friends, spread the word, enjoy some $2 sliders and more, we hope to see you all…


Party at Farm Burger's house 2: The sequel - next wednesday

Has it been another year in Decatur already?  It was a crazy night a year ago.  A birthday party, an anniversary, we weren’t sure what to call it, but it was so much fun we are doing it again. Next Wednesday the 25th is the day Farm Burger Decatur turns the big 2.

We want to celebrate and give back to our wonderful community and customers who have supported us the last 730 days.  It will be a day of giveaways, trivia and special deals  (we really liked the value menu from last year, hint hint maybe $2 deals all day). 

So follow our blog, tweets and facebook all this week where we'll be filling you in on the birthday special details and sharing some incredible FB facts, pay attention and maybe you will win some prizes.

Mark your calendars and we will see you Wednesday in Decatur!